Roger Chase -Technology Director

Roger Chase
806-637-4619 Ext. 1406

Hello, I have been teaching for 28 years and everyday has been great. Wellman-Union has been my home since 2010 and we have had many great changes to our district. I am excited for our students and faculty for this great school in the future and the beginning of the newly created school and technology we have available.

I had the honor of becoming a Marine, along with serving in the Army
National guard for 13 years of serving our great country, when I began my journey of life. I have six children and nine Grandchildren that have a fulfillment that I can't find the words to express. My wonderful wife has been on this journey with me for over 25 plus years and provided more support and love than anyone could of ever asked for.  I obtained my Bachelor of Education in 1998 from Southwestern Oklahoma State University and Master of Education in 2014 from Lamar University. 

Wellman-Union School District is destined for great things now and in the future. Our Dual Credit Program provides the opportunity for our students to graduate high school with a possibility of an associate degree. The students make my job easier and along with them I learn something new everyday. Feel free to contact me by email or phone.

1st Period (8:10-8:55):Dual credit (English)

2nd Period (8:58-9:46):Dual Credit (Math)/Odyssey

3rd Period (9:49-10:34):Dual Credit (Us History)Odyssey

4th Period:Dual Credit/Odyssey

5th Period: Dual Credit

6th Period: Dual credit/Odyssey

7th Period: Dual Credit

8th Period: Dual Credit