Dear Parent/Guardian,

Thank you for your interest in WU and our small-town west Texas atmosphere! WU focuses on the INDIVIDUAL support each student needs, where you are more than just a number, you are FAMILY! Please note we have extremely limited availability District wide for new students as parents in our area also want; small classes, individualized instruction, a family atmosphere, and the hands-on engaging curriculum that WU provides. Not all grade levels have space for new students. When space is available, new applicants are evaluated against the guidelines enclosed. There is a waiting list however, applicants are not guaranteed admission on a first-come, first admitted basis. Applicants are reviewed based on attendance, discipline record, academic performance, and participation. Admission is not guaranteed. Once admitted, re-admission is not guaranteed for the following year. Students are expected to maintain acceptable attendance, discipline, academic performance, and participation.

Thank you,

Nate Wheeler, M. Ed.

Wellman Union CISD



Evaluation Guidelines

Transfer Application

Transfer Guidelines