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High School Students Advance to the Regional UIL Meet

If highlighted, the student or team has qualified for the regional UIL academic meet that will be on Friday, April 21.  It will be hosted by SPC. We had 13 individuals qualify (and several of those qualified in multiple events.)


 Calculator Applications—2ndTeam

3rd place—Sophia Ramirez

5th place—Jessica Gunter

6th place—Kyler Neill


Copy Edit

1st place—Ode Chavez

2nd place—Sadie Crowley

4th place—Kamryn Murph


Current Issues & Events—2nd Team

4th place—Ellen Cadena

5th—Keagon Dominguez

7th—Levi DePoyster


Editorial Writing

2nd place—Ode Chavez

5th place—Mandy Wiens

6th place—Sara Wolf


Feature Writing

1st place—Ode Chavez

4th place—Dezireé Escudero


Headline Writing

1st place—Ode Chavez

2nd place—Swayzee Harlan

5th place—William Bonilla


Literary Criticism—1st Team

1st place—Levi Arendall

5th place—Katy Ramirez

6th place—Katie Garey

8th place—Sophia Ramirez


Mathematics—2nd Team

3rd place—Adrian Ramirez

4th place—Ethan Winn

7th place—Zach Munoz

9th place—Jessica Gunter


News Writing

2nd place—Swayzee Harlan

3rd place—Ode Chavez


Number Sense—1st Team

1st place—Adrian Ramirez

4th place—Ethan Winn

9th place—Sadie Crowley

10th place—Corey Unger



1st place—Kaley Cavazos

3rd place—Alyssa Cavazos



3rd place—Levi Arendall


Ready Writing

3rd place—William Bonilla

5th place—Katie Garey


Science—2nd Team

1st place—Adrian Ramirez (top chemistry score, 2ndtop biology)

4th place—Katie Garey

4th place—Josslyn Gonzales

6th place—Aron Rempel

9th place—Ethan Winn

11th place—Katy Ramirez


Social Studies—3rd Team

8th place—Keagon Dominguez

10th place—Levi DePoyster

12th place—Josslyn Gonzales


Spelling-2nd Team

3rd place—Sadie Crowley

4th place—Kloe Guenter

7th place—Tel Harlan


 Journalism—1st Team

Speech—2nd Team

Overall School Sweepstakes—2nd Team